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Grand Opening !
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Here you can find more guides about server,events and more


  1. The Kundum will be 4 hours in Devias (coordinates).
  2. The arenas will only be hosted by Admin / GM and the winner will be announced before the event.
  3. The restarts will be limited to 55 (first stop 25)!
  4. Some unnecessary rules about PVP will be removed, the team (represented by SECURITY) assumes full responsibility for the nonsense created, we guarantee the gameplay without restriction in PVP for true enjoyment of the game!
  5. Items 380 levs have been added to the GOLD stores to reach the full potential of each class!
  6. New Quest System with quest Window! NEW !!!
  7. 4 new spots in Aida 2 (non-pvp map)! NEW !!!
  8. 3 spots in CryWolf for Fenrir farm! NEW !!!
  9. Illusion Temple Improve (Reward x3)!
  10. VIP changes - one vip for all (for 3 days / 7days / 30 days)
  11. Check Equipment before reset - NO !
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