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Season 6.
Exp: Dynamic 50-25x. (Dynamic Exp)
Master Exp: 5x.

Drop: 35%.
Gameplay: 80 (20 for begining) rr MAX.
Points after reset: 500.
Max/Reset Level: 400.
Max Item Level: 15.
Max Add on Items: 28.
NON PVP Maps: Losttower, Aida, Aida 2.
Feather & Crest - Drop only in Icarus.
Fenrir items - Drop only in CryWolf (3 Spots).
Party Exp System.
Guild System: alliances System - Max 20 players in a guild for normal classes and max 25 players in guild for DL-GM.
Elf Soldier Buff: Max Level 220.
Max ACC/IP+HWID: 10.
Reconnect system fully working.

Level for DL,MG, RF: 220 / 250 (1 with VIP).
New PVP Championship event: ON. HOT !!!

New Quest System: ON. HOT !!!

Market: ON.
WebShop/VIP-Server: OFF.
OFF-Attack: ON.
Castle Siege start: ON.(First will be on 18.04.2021)
HALL OF FAME: ON.(First will be on 17.04.2021)
DISCORD: Click here

AnarchyMu Statistics
Total Accounts 860
Total Characters 1933
Total Guilds 36
Total GameMasters 6
InGame 187
Active In 24 Hours 210


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