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Here you can find more guides about server,events and more


Add points:


Add Points Auto - VIP ONLY

/str auto AMOUNT
/agi auto AMOUNT
/vit auto AMOUNT
/ene auto AMOUNT
/cmd auto AMOUNT

/attack [skill] [buff] - Start Custom Attack

Dark Wizard
/attack 9 1 Evil Spirit + mana shield
/attack 14 1 Inferno + mana shield
/attack 39 1 Ice Storm + mana shield

Dark Knight
/attack 41 1 Twiting Slash + fortitude
/attack 43 1 Death Stab + fortitude

/attack 0 1 Tripple + buffs + Infinity arrow (sometimes need a Marlon quest )

Magic Gladiador
/attack 9 Evil Spirits
/attack 56 Power Slash
/attack 14 Inferno
/attack 41 Twisting Slash

Dark Lord
/attack 0 1 FireScream + Crit
/attack 60 1 Force + Crit
/attack 61 1 Fire Burst + Crit

/offattack (VIP ONLY) - Start Custom Attack Offline

"/Pick" - (VIP ONLY)

"/pick soul"
"/pick bless"
"/pick chaos"
"/pick zen"
"/pick life"
"/pick setitem"
"/pick exc"
"/pick heart"
"/pick gemstone"

/pkclear - Clearing PK

/openware - Open Wherhouse in town

/bar - Move you to the Bar in Lorencia

/Rename - Change name - Coast 1 000 Credits

/re off / on - Reject all requests / Enable to request
/re auto - Auto accept party requests

/setparty PASSWORD - Setting party
/joinparty PASSWORD - join party with that password

/marry player - Marry to a player

/clearinv - Clear inventory

/changename - Change character name (1000 cr.)

/info player - Character status

/want - Go to Kill all event (Mata Mata)

/top type(dk, dw, fe, mg, dl ) - Show top player

/store [type] - Open Custom Store

/offstore VIP ONLY - Open Custom Store Offline

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