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1. Must be maximum resets!

2. Can NOT use Satan, Angel, Fenrir, Demon, Spirit of Guardian, Panda, Rudolf, Skeleton, Unicorn, Transformation rings!

3. One set CAN NOT be used on more than 1 character during the HOF, if a player uses one set to more than 1 character during the HOF he will be Disqualified from the event.

4. Interruption of the event in any way (appearance without being called, interference in the duel, etc.) by a player who does not participate in the event for the race or in the fight is punishable by a ban.

5. Any kind of preparation for the event such as obtaining potions, alcohol, scrolls, etc. is done before the event, not during the event.

6. Changes in stats during the event are forbidden.

7. Movement before and during a duel is forbidden. The only exception is the BK class when making combos, only in this situation, "movement" is allowed. You are not allowed to run away if you stay on a low HP or you run out of potions, if you do you lose.

8. Keep silence and do not get into an argument with the Admin/GM who leads the event. The same applies to personal disputes. Keep them on personal messages.

9. If you argue with Admin/GM during the event, you might get a 1-day ban.

Forbidden skills that are forbidden and you should not use during the event:

SM: Teleport
DL: Horse skill
DL: Dark Raven

11. Players who take part in the event are obliged to follow the rules mentioned above, otherwise, they will be removed or punished.

How the event is going:

HOF is Best of 5 ( First who win 3 points win the duel)

The final round is Best of 9 ( First who win 5 points win the duel)!

Class order: SM, BK, ME, MG, DL, SUM, RF.

You must be positioned in front of the opponent!

Prepare yourself with potions, check your inventory and items. When the event with your race starts, you will have 5 minutes to write 'Move' in a post or personal message to the Admin / GM who is leading the event.

Admin/GM will count 3 2 1 start, after "start" the fight begins!

If one of the players starts earlier, a foul is reported and the point is replayed (with 3 fouls, a point for the other)

The rewards are: Rings, Pendants, Items + 13 + Luck + 2 options, Black or Blue Fenrrir (Cant win Wings!)


1. Трябва да сте максимални рестарти!

2. Не може да ползвате Satan, Angel, Fenrir, Demon, Spirit of Guardian, Panda, Rudolf, Skeleton, Unicorn, Transformation rings!

3. НЕ може да използвате 1 и същ сет на повече от 1 герой, ако някой го направи и бъде хванат ще бъде дисквалифициран от евента!

Играете 3 от 5 (който спечели 3 точки печели дуела и продължава напред)

Финалният рунд е 5 от 9!

Заставате 1 срещу друг и не мърдате!

Админ/ГМ брои 3 2 1 старт, след като видите старт боят започва!

При стартиране по-рано на някой от играчите се отчита фал и точката се преиграва ( при 3 фала точка за другия )

Наградите могат да бъдат: Рингове, Пенданти, Итеми +13 + лък + 2, опции, Черен или Син Фенрир (Не може да искате крила!)

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