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Here you can find more guides about server,events and more

Creating MG, DL, RF on level 1 (VIP)

1. Buy Cash ( Donate option)
2. Login into the Server and create a hero
3. Join in the game with that hero and buy VIP from the InGame Menu ( Capital letter "M" in the Left-Top corner)
4. Switch
5. Make MG/DL/RF and join

1. Вземаш кредити
2. Влизаш в игра и си правиш някакъв герой
3. Влизаш с него и си купуваш ВИП от ИГРА ( има меню в играта, намира се горе в ляво на екрана- "М" )
4. Суичваш
5. Правиш MG/DL/RF и влизаш
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